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Our Vision

Inspiration Creates Energy.

A Solid Foundation Is What Success Is Built On.


We believe that true leadership is about inspiring and guiding others. To be able to do this successfully, one must first lay a solid foundation in three key areas: Jewish knowledge, personal growth, and leadership skills.


At MAKOR we empower up-and-coming talented young Jews using a comprehensive educational approach so that they should be inspired for life. This means becoming knowledgeable and skilled to make a powerful and lasting impact on the American Jewish community, and have a strong connection to the land of Israel.


Our ultimte goal is to see MAKOR participants translating their well-developed foundation in Jewish learning, personal growth and leadership skills into action. Our students are becoming innovators by creating new community programs, educational initiatives, and serving as shining examples inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Our Values

Growth. Individuality. Engagement.


Greatness lies within each person. Our job is to help each individual actualize their potential by introducing them to the tools for greatness carried within our timeless heritage.


At MAKOR, we first focus on quality and then quantity. Consider this, in the social media age, someone between the ages of 18-24 has, on average, 510 friends on Facebook. This means that even just 120 quality educated, excited, and skilled leaders are capable of reaching over 60,000 peers by spreading excitement near and far!

The most effective way of developing inspired, proud, and educated generations of today’s Jewish leaders is through inclusive and open dialogue and engagement. Based on our experience, this includes three main components:

  • Engaging, discussion-based, hands-on exploration of the wisdom of timeless Jewish heritage.

  • Exciting and stimulating Jewish community experiences.

  • Mentoring and follow-up at every step of an individual’s personal growth.

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