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The most important thing for the future of Russian-American Jewry is to ensure that the next generation will be led by individuals who are educated about their Jewish heritage, inspired, motivated and energized to make a difference. 


Your generous  donation will help those individuals who were previously totally disconnected for many years, be able to reconnect and discover the sophistication, deep meaning, and relevance that Judaism has on their lives. Most importantly it will help them build a solid foundation to become new powerful ambassadors of Jewish nation.


$10,000-Sponsor a MAKOR Fellowship program


$5,000-Support 5 MAKOR students learning experiences in Israel

$3,600-Fund a year of MAKOR Shabbat experiences


$1,800-Sponsor a student’s learning experience in Israel

$1,000-Sponsor One-on-One learning for a MAKOR student


$500-Fund a short-term MAKOR Israel experience

$250-Provide a Shabbat experience for MAKOR students


$100-Create social programming for MAKOR students

$36-Contribute to meaningful Jewish learning

Other $ amount

To Donate by

Credit Card or PayPal:

Makor is a 501 (c) Registered



Makor International

c/o Roman Gorbach

1 Lisa Ct.

Matawan, NJ, 07747

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