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If you enjoy being engaged in interesting conversations that challenge you, love to grow as a person, and most importantly, if you are excited about being a part of rich Jewish Heritage - these programs are for you. Whether you would like to come to a local Jewish class, learn in-person or by phone, if you are extending your Israel trip, taking off a few weeks, a few months, or a year - this will be a quality, meaningful, and enjoyable experience. Our selection of programs includes the top educational tracks with the world’s best and most engaging educators at the top learning institutions in the US and Israel.

This program is designed for participants who are interested in in-depth exploration of Jewish learning. The learning is meaningful, relevant, and most importantly tailor-made for you and your interests. Depending on your level and background you will be able to join programs on personal growth, leadership skills, relationships, spirituality, cutting-edge ideas from the Talmud, and Jewish practice. You will also gain the tools needed for independent learning. We will help you identify the best program for you.

Learning, Leadership, and Personal Growth

If you are are interested in a high-level Internship in your field to start-up or advance your career while also being involved in Jewish learning this program is for you. You will participate in inspiring and empowering workshops and discussions on Jewish learning and leadership. They will allow you to explore the areas of Judaism you always were curious about, while attendinga rigorous all-around curriculum that will take your personal growth and leadership skills to the next level.

Professional Internship and Learning Program
for ladies
Israel Activism


The focus of all of our programs is to provide high level Jewish learning. The additional goal of this program is to inspire, unify, and motivate students to become the supporters of Israel and the Jewish People when they are back on campus, at work, and throughout their lives. The complexities of today’s world necessitate solid education to be able to be an effective advocate of Israel against the dis-information and negative media coverage. By participating in this program you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to stand up for Israel.

Outdoors, Learning, and Volunteering Program


This program combines Jewish learning, community service, and amazing hikes. You will be involved in hands-on projects in the Jewish community while simultenously exploring for yourself what does Judaism and spirituality mean in your life. This program will give you a sense of how mitzvot of Judaism are applied in our everyday lives. You will have a chance to explore the breathtaking hikes, meet peers like you, and spend Shabbos singing songs into the sunset.  This will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Create Your Own Program


If you would like to experiment with various ideas of how to do Jewish learning, advance your personal growth, and connect to others that fits your unique personality, we are happy to help. Contact us and we will try to put together resources to help you achieve your goals. We have established collaborative programs with top institutions around the world to promote Jewish learning and Jewish growth. We truly believe the maxim that sky is the limit, and we believe this includes Jewish learning. The most important element is your desire to grow!

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