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Our Method


MAKOR Jewish Knowledge and Leadership Program


Our goal is to see MAKOR students not just be temporarily inspired, but be inspired for life.


MAKOR enables them to go beyond initial inspiration by transforming the inspiration into a well-developed foundation in Jewish knowledge, personal growth and leadership skills.


Building on this, we mentor students to turn all this education and training into action.


As a result, we are now seeing our alumni become innovators by creating new community programs, educational initiatives, and serving as shining examples by inspiring and involving others to follow in their footsteps.


In partnership with institutions in the US and Israel Makor program consists of four parts:


  • Inspire          Introductory Jewish Knowledge and Leadership Series


  • Solidify        Two and a half week MAKOR Fellowship Israel Program


  • Build            Advanced Leadership Training Programs (both short- and long-term)


  • Pass it On   Individual Projects by Students under MAKOR Mentorship


Every year over 250 students and young professionals from New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and Los Angeles participate in MAKOR’s programming.

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